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Close call Atlas 747-8 HKG September 24th

Posted: 30 Sep 2017 21:56
by One Winged Junkie

An Atlas Air Boeing 747-800 freighter on behalf of Cathay Pacific, registration N856GT performing freight flight CX-86 from Hong Kong (China) to Anchorage,AK (USA), was in the initial climb out of Hong Kong's runway 07R around 23:45L (15:45Z) being handed off from tower to departure when the crew initiated a premature right hand turn towards Lantau Island climbing over terrain rising up to 1500 feet MSL below safe altitude. The aircraft subsequently turned onto a heading parallel to the runway already past the island, then joined the departure route again and continued to Anchorage for a landing without further incident.

Residents on Lantau Island reported, just before midnight they were shaken out of bed by a low flying aircraft, that came very close to hit the mountains near the Discovery Bay Tunnel (DB tunnel) connecting the north and south of Lantau Island.