York Laser Z-2300

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum credits the Laser 200 for bringing about a new generation of aerobatic aircraft
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York Laser Z-2300

Post by SHIPCHIEF » 07 Jan 2017 16:42

I just got a set of York Laser Z-2300 plans for Christmas... :D
I've been 'shopping around' for the next acro ship beyond my RV-8. I really like the low wing Giles, Staudacher, Panzl variants. Kinda spendy compared to a Laser 200, but quality has a value all it's own...and these are mostly unique aircraft.
I'm looking over the Z-2300 plans and thinking about modifying the air frame design for low wing. Thinking about the best way to fit it. Up from under the fuselage? Down from the top, just deeper? Inserted 2 wings with joined overlapping spars like a Giles G-200?
Upgrade the empanage to composite and eliminate the flying wires?
Discussion, comments and suggestions welcome.
Who are the local builders, suppliers, etc. for this? I built my RV-8, but that is sheet metal and not modified (except for the Mazda engine which I flew only 16 hours). These planes are as different as can be while still looking similar...

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Re: York Laser Z-2300

Post by N23LZ » 09 Jan 2017 11:39

As you can see the plans are pretty spartan & not fully developed like with some of the other homebuilts
I am at the 90% / 90% stage in my build. If I were to do it again I would seriously consider low wing vs. mid-wing. It would be a reasonably easy to do mod. Just invert the fuse bays with the wing mounts. It would make the control system simpler by removing the dog leg linkage. Main advantage is ingress/egress for the front passenger. As designed, the spar is right where your knees go when getting in.

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Re: York Laser Z-2300

Post by davevon » 21 Jan 2017 16:22

There is a "Laser" 200 low wing out there flying and I've heard of low wing 2300 under construction.


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