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IAC competition in YAK-55

Posted: 14 Aug 2017 10:34
Last weekend (August 10-12) was the 2017 IAC Chapter 77, Oregon Aeronauts, Beaver State Aerobatic Competition in Pendelton Oregon KPDT.
Visibility was restricted by smoke from wiId-fires from British Columbia through to Oregon, so many competitors couldn't make it.
It was my second competition with the Yak. I flew Sportsman and scored 77.66%, 74.20% and 72.02%, better than I expected after Thursday's practice.
3 factors effected my recent problems with stalling while inverted at the top of Humpty, Sharktooth Loop and Hammers:
1) The recent removal of weight from the engine compartment (replaced Russian generator w/ B&C alternator) noticeably reduced pitch force on the stick.
2) My increased confidence and slightly more aggressive pulls on the stick.
3) 20 degree hotter air temps and co-responding increase in Density Altitude.
I managed to fly 'lightly' through the 3 sequences, but for the roll at the top of the Immelmann, which I seem to initiate too early (nose high) and also push the stick with the roll. So I initiated an inverted stall and rolled out about 20 degrees off heading.
I'll be able to fix that.
This is an AWESOME plane, that I can manage now, and will remain more capable than I for the foreseeable future.
The other competitors were helpful with the observations and advice (as usual).
The Dynavibe balance job on the propeller was a big help too.

Re: IAC competition in YAK-55

Posted: 29 Sep 2017 12:32
by Slick540
Morning, I flew my Yak55 from sportsman to Advanced. 180Hours on 55's.

You will only realise the qualities of the Yak55 after you have sold it. We all chase the dream of having the modern monoplane. The harmony between Elevator and Ailerons is spectacular. By comparison to the Zlin50 of the same era I will buy a 55 any day again.

Neville Ferreira

Re: IAC competition in YAK-55

Posted: 10 Jun 2018 08:27
Thank you Neville.
This week end I attended Akro amp @ Ephrata WA, I think it was put on by the Canadian IAC closest chapter.
There were 4 unlimited World Competitors on the ground, giving radio instruction in rotation. Each attendee received three 15 minute lessons per day over 3 days.
I still don't have the stamina to avail myself of all the instruction opportunities, but I learned much, and tried out my Sportsman Free for the first time with critique from the Awesome Instructors.
I got good help; my free was deemed well balanced and I did fairly well.
I tried the Intermediate Known last month, but I'm not ready this year, so I'll compete in Sportsman, but this time add my Free Routine.
Maybe next year I'll move up to Intermediate...