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Re: Whirlwind Propeller blades

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:31 am
The plywood pitch fixture fits over the front of the downward sweeping blade. You slide it in from the tip until it snugs over the leading and trailing edges. It will need to be set vertical. It will rock and needs to be stabilized. Holding it in place with the digital level is quite a hand full.
I used this little furniture clamp to hold the digital level to the fixture. The clamp was placed so the back jaw rested on the propeller blade like a 3 leg stool, so the digital level's base was parallel to the propeller blade.
Then I used a carpenter's level to make sure the fixture was vertical.
Also the blade must be horizontal, and this needs to be done several times. I stood a ladder next to the blade tip and marked a reference point.
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