Ford EDIS Electronic Ignition for aircraft

The plain magneto ignition suffers from a number of problems, however it is tried-and-true. Let's discuss this new technology and how it applies to us.
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Ford EDIS Electronic Ignition for aircraft

Post by SHIPCHIEF » Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:33 am ... p?t=135476
This link will take you to a discussion about building your own ignition system with RPM and Manifold pressure advance control. It is based on a MegJolt ignition controller and a 36-1 timing wheel, it fires the spark plugs via a Ford EDIS coil pack. Some builders install the wheel on the back of the Lycoming flywheel, some have made Magneto Hole mounted timing wheels. The MegJolt unit is interfaced to a laptop to set up the timing. These units run off of Ship's power, so some discussion of back up batteries and / or alternators will be expected.
This link is from MegaSquirt, the DIY fuel injection website. It describes the Ford EDIS system, which can run without a controller, or with a failed controller. Pretty remarkable. ... -ignition/
This link is for the MegaJolt controller and accessories.
This link is a bench test of the EDIS system with a MagaJolt controller and with a laptop connected to monitor & program the MegJolt.
A link discussing wiring of the assembly.
My project has been tested without a controller on a lathe in my garage, but it's not worth showing to the group at this time. I have purchased a Electroaire magneto mount timing unit that I will modify with a 36-1 timing wheel.

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