How the giveaways will work

As promised we are giving aways FREE STUFF, just for signing up and beginning topic discussions
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How the giveaways will work

Post by MonoPlaneForum » 02 Sep 2016 12:04

Hi Everyone, as promised, we are giving away free items. Just for registering and making topic discussions. Some events that will trigger a win is 'registering', 'making a post', 'responding to a post', and/or suggesting a forum. All 'wins' will be determined by a certain number for example, the first user to register, the first post, or the 10 post. We will begin announcing winners Monday 5 September 2016
(Due to shipping restrictions on some items, we can not ship out of the U.S.A.)

To help your chances of winning, let's get those discussions going! :D

Some of the items we are giving away, (all brand-new): Some of these item are sponsored and very soon we will indicate exactly what.

Apple Shuffle
Aircraft Spruce gift cards ($45.)
Xuma 2600mah power bank(s)
EAA Memberships

Sponsors, if you are interested in become one, please contact the admin.