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by Dr107flyer
05 Feb 2020 16:07
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Topic: Laser spring gear leg
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Laser spring gear leg

Looking for a Laser spring gear leg .
by Dr107flyer
31 Oct 2017 15:32
Forum: Laser
Topic: Whirlwind propeller shake
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Re: Whirlwind propeller shake

If won’t dynamic balance perhaps it’s not the prop ?
I just had some unusual vibration (fixed pitch mt ) and it turned out to be lead in a plug !
by Dr107flyer
28 Sep 2016 02:48
Forum: Welcome, Introductions and Announcements
Topic: One Design
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Re: One Design

There are a few in the U.K.
Here are 3 of them, mine is in red & white. IO360 with fixed pitch MT prop.
The green one has IO320 with MTV prop and the blue IO360 with MTV prop.