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by mbouwser23
06 Jul 2020 08:40
Forum: Laser
Topic: Laser Composite Components
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Re: Laser Composite Components

The molds look great! shot you a message for some info.
by mbouwser23
07 Sep 2019 09:16
Forum: Laser
Topic: Oil Cooler Locations
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Oil Cooler Locations

Recently purchased a Laser with a AEIO-360. The aircraft is current seeing 210 in cruise and getting to 240s quickly in 15 mins of aerobatics. I am running Phillips 20W-50 and have tried Phillips 20W-60 with worse results. It was suggested to me to run dual oil coolers. One in the front and the curr...
by mbouwser23
11 Jun 2018 11:26
Forum: One Design
Topic: One Design Located in NC
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One Design Located in NC

Hello all, I am looking to see if there is anyone knows of a DR-107 in the NC area. I am looking into purchase an DR-107 and am wanting to see how I fit inside of it first before I start inquiring about buy one to sellers. I use to own a long fuselage Pitts S1S a few year back, for a few years. I am...