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by Slick540
12 Apr 2020 13:26
Forum: Laser
Topic: Laser Purchase
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Re: Laser Purchase

Scott Good morning from South Africa. The Slick 360/540 was a copy of the Laser and build from fibreglass and carbon in the case of the 540. Comparisons between tubular tail section and profiled tail section are that the aircraft we flew that were almost identical except for the tail section would p...
by Slick540
05 Apr 2018 02:42
Forum: Aerobatics
Topic: Genevation Aircraft Company
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Genevation Aircraft Company

GENPRO is a new generation of aerobatic aircraft. During May 2018 I will be traveling to Hungary to visit the Genevation Aircraft Factory. The purpose of this visit is to familiarize myself with this aircraft and to meet the designers and all the role players who have had an input in the design and ...
by Slick540
09 Nov 2017 12:46
Forum: Traditional Engines
Topic: Hot Start Problems io540 modified.
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Hot Start Problems io540 modified.

I fly the Slick 540 powered by a modified IO540 from Barret Precision Engines with Slick mags. The fuselage is 100% carbon with electrical cables running from engine compartment to aft of the cockpit where the battery is mounted. I noticed during my airshow season mid July that my hot start procedur...
by Slick540
09 Nov 2017 12:16
Forum: Traditional Engines
Topic: excessive loss of oil during aerobatics
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Re: excessive loss of oil during aerobatics

My experience is that flying Unlimited vs Advanced will burn more oil. There is a auxiliary case mounted oil pump that you can fit that will pump the oil back from the inverted system back into the engine instead off the breather hose. When the breather hose feeds into the 6-1 exhaust you have a suc...
by Slick540
29 Sep 2017 12:32
Forum: Russian Monoplanes
Topic: IAC competition in YAK-55
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Re: IAC competition in YAK-55

Morning, I flew my Yak55 from sportsman to Advanced. 180Hours on 55's. You will only realise the qualities of the Yak55 after you have sold it. We all chase the dream of having the modern monoplane. The harmony between Elevator and Ailerons is spectacular. By comparison to the Zlin50 of the same era...