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by djpacro
08 Sep 2019 11:36
Forum: Laser
Topic: Oil Cooler Locations
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Re: Oil Cooler Locations

The first three Lasers built in Australia all had the oil cooler behind the seat for cg reasons from the first one. We had a ram air scoop on the LH side just under the wing near the trailing edge and the outlet under the fuselage with a dam ahead of the hole - worked well in fairly hot ambient temp...
by djpacro
01 Aug 2017 06:29
Forum: Aerobatics
Topic: Matt Chapman Airshows- Lazer Z230 Aerobatics (Video)
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Re: Matt Chapman Airshows- Lazer Z230 Aerobatics (Video)

Good question.
I wonder what ailerons it has?
by djpacro
11 Jun 2017 08:33
Forum: Laser
Topic: Laser Airfoils
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Re: Laser Airfoils

If you overlay profiles of the 0012 and the 21012 you will not see much difference. We bought a wing kit with ribs already cut but modified them by shaving a couple of mm (from memory that's all it was) off to give us a symmetrical wing although not exactly a 0012 (also note that near the root the s...
by djpacro
11 Dec 2016 04:31
Forum: Laser
Topic: Laser 200 Build
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Re: Laser 200 Build

I'm away from home so don't have access to my library.
I'd look here first for the minimum bend radius: ... B0007EL65M
Regardless, that book is essential for anyone building an aeroplane.
by djpacro
16 Oct 2016 14:48
Forum: Laser
Topic: Laser "3 point" angle.
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Re: Laser "3 point" angle.

I've seen Lasers with different main landing gear lengths. Ours had tall gear, one I flew a little while back was much shallower deck angle. The longer gear for the S-2A was to provide ground clearance for the aileron spades under the lower wing. My S-2A was an earlier SN to which the previous owner...
by djpacro
02 Sep 2016 11:09
Forum: Laser
Topic: Welcome to the Laser section of the monoplane forum!
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Re: Hi

Our Akro Model Z back in the early '80s.
plane.gif (262 KiB)
by djpacro
02 Sep 2016 05:20
Forum: Welcome, Introductions and Announcements
Topic: Aerobatics Downunder
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Aerobatics Downunder

I'm sure that the regulars from Australia will join me here. I have seen a couple of new aerobatic forums fizzle out in recent years, hopefully this one is successful. I've operated Pitts for most of my flying career; a "Laser" for over 20 years (competed up to Unlimited); a Std Decathlon and now a ...