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Resell value of experimental 300S

Posted: 29 Sep 2016 11:09
by Ace
I have a certified 300S and have noticed that serial number around mine converted to experimental. I know its a small market so stats are hard to come by, but what are thoughts on resell value of experimental vs certified? It supposedly eliminates international buyers.


Re: Resell value of experimental 300S

Posted: 07 Oct 2016 14:21
by Billyto
No, it should not.

When certifing the airplane in the new country, what they want to see is all the certified parts back again. I have seen done often, certified in the US, moved to experimentall and geting back to certified in the UE.
Keep al the records (and certified parts) that show it was certified when it departed the factory. What you can't do (at leaat without taking the plane to Extra) is an aircraft that departed the factory as experimental certified it yourself.....

Re: Resell value of experimental 300S

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 04:27
by MarkRogge
I converted my 300S to Experimental a few years ago and am incredibly happen I made the change. I've put a great Whirlwind prop on the nose and have been able to go the much less expensive non-TSO route on replacement parts. I'll also have more options for ADS-B at a lower cost than if I had stayed Certified.
So few 300S aircraft come to market that I don't see any evidence of a price differential. The only price differences I've noticed relate to engine time, general condition, and how hard the plane has been flown.
If someone has hard data to show otherwise I would really like to see it.

Re: Resell value of experimental 300S

Posted: 14 Jan 2017 03:37
by Ace
Thanks Mark. Several have made the good point that it's much harder to find a bank willing to finance an experimental airplane vs. a certified airplane. I've seen this when trying to sell my experimental Pitts - some buyers immediately go away when they find out its experimental. That would shrink the demand.