Genevation Aircraft Company

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Genevation Aircraft Company

Post by Slick540 » 05 Apr 2018 02:42

GENPRO is a new generation of aerobatic aircraft.

During May 2018 I will be traveling to Hungary to visit the Genevation Aircraft Factory. The purpose of this visit is to familiarize myself with this aircraft and to meet the designers and all the role players who have had an input in the design and manufacturing. Then later in the year during the month of August I will be flying this aircraft in the Advanced World Aerobatic Championship to be held in Romania. I will be competing as H/C.
Thank you to Viktor Zsabó from and László Liszkay a world renowned aerobatic judge for making this opportunity a reality to showcase this project to the aerobatic community. Its an honor for me to be associated with this new product.
Péter Besenyei and François Le Vot are the two Genevation test pilots on this project helping with the development. Both of them are of the opinion that the Genpro has the best ailerons of any aerobatic aircraft they have ever flown. At 180knots all that is required are just the tips of 2 fingers in order to have full control over the aircrafts roll rate.
To date I have logged over 400 Hours (1200+ Flights) on my one of a kind Slick 540. With the Slick's flight experience of taking a new aircraft that was never test flown in Airshows or competitions up to the level of flying her in the Unlimited World Aerobatic Championship 2017 gives me the understanding and full respect of the Genevation Aircrafts goal.

During this planned visit I will have regular updates on my experience.

Jakabszállás, Sports Airport II. körzet 11., 6078 Hungary
+36 30 381 0691
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