Giles 202 SN 15 Build

Giles G-202 is an unlimited-level aerobatic airplane designed by Richard Giles.
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Re: Giles 202 SN 15 Build

Post by DealsGapCobra » 13 Sep 2019 21:28

As large projects like this go it comes in waves. 20 months ago we bought a new house, had it completely remodeled and then had to build a new shop. Bottom line, as of this summer I am still building again and am in the process of fitting the front seat panels now. It’s still a long way off but this plane will fly!
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Re: Giles 202 SN 15 Build

Post by veryimmature » 14 Sep 2019 06:05

Hi Rob.
I would very interested to see ongoing photos of your build, please keep posting!
I have owned and flown SN 24 for 9 years now and still love it. I did not build it.
Some observations which you may wish to consider when building:
1. The VM 1000 is now obsolete. Mine still works fine, but I have been looking for a more modern replacement. Unfortunately there are very few small enough to fit between the front seat and the rear stick, but one of the Skyviews looks like it would fit.
An iPad based system would be perfect. Would be good to have one with a pressure based ASI and altimeter as it is hard to see the front instruments Ifyou have a large passenger.
2. Make sure the wing tanks are individually selectable not permanent cross feed- this is a really bad idea and caused a number of in flight engine stoppages in mine before I modified. Fuel gauges for each wing tank would also be really nice.
3. Very carefully ensure each wing incidence is the same. The builders log for mine indicates it required some post build adjustments.
4. The canopy latching system seems to be different on every aircraft but there has been some canopy losses. One reason has been that the handle has come off the spindle due loss of a retainer resulting in unlatching. Careful attention needed to a robust design.
5. Ensure you use the very large washers on the engine mount bolts on the back of the firewall- I presume you are aware of the MX that had its engine fall out due wrong washers.
6. Some doors in the spats to access the tyre valves makes it a lot easier to put air in them.
7. The supplied tail wheel spring is a little soft and a heavy landing will result in the tail wheel hitting the rudder. I swapped mine for a RV tail spring which is more robust.
8. The static vent on the pitot needs a minor mod to read correctly- an o ring around the outside.
9. I’m sure you have read the report about horizontal stab fixing.
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