GK-1 civilian Racer

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GK-1 civilian Racer

Post by Slick540 » 27 Jan 2021 22:30

Morning pilots. We have an opportunity to import and manufacture this aircraft into the USA and would like to get an opinion from pilots regarding single or 2 seat variants.

The single-seat is powered by a 95hp Honda automotive engine whereas the 2 seater with identical looks slightly larger will be powered by Vikingaircraftengines.com new 150hp.

This single seat has done 300 hours on the existing Honda engine. The performance of this GK-1 is as follows:

Cruise speed 180-190mph
Rate of climb at 70 mph is 800 feet /min
The rate of climb at 160 mph is over 3500 feet/min.
VNE is 230mph
3.9 gallons per hour at cruise 75% power.

The flyaway estimated price will be $120 000 for the 2 seater and $90 000 for the single seat.

The question is if both were on the floor for purchase which one would you prefer.


Neville Ferreira
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Re: GK-1 civilian Racer

Post by MonoPlaneForum » 22 Feb 2021 07:28

:arrow: Beautiful!!!
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Re: GK-1 civilian Racer

Post by PNWPilot » 21 Jan 2023 07:41

Spectacular, and I can not believe I am just now learning about this aircraft. I found the GK-1 while searching for information related to the KR1. I would love more information, photos, plans or kit availability for the GK-1.

Washington State
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