Laser Elavator Throw

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum credits the Laser 200 for bringing about a new generation of aerobatic aircraft
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Laser Elavator Throw

Post by youngman1 » 28 May 2020 02:47

Hi Guys

Does anybody know what the correct elevator throw is in degrees up and down for a Laser 200?

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Re: Laser Elavator Throw

Post by davevon » 04 Jun 2020 21:12

The info sheet calls out +/- 25°.

When I bought mine it was way out of wack! Something like 18° up and 34° down! I went through and had to adjust the whole system to get the pushrods and arms/horns in the proper location. The elevator pushrod within the control stick torque tube is really critical. Because it swings up and down inside the tube it's easy to induce a binding condition at full up travel. This must not happen! It puts excessive load on the rod end.

After playing with mine I was able to get the control stick centered where I wanted it and have +/- 28° of throw without binding. I was looking for a better nose high spin entry.

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